Operation conditions of natural wood products


Natural wood countertops are made of high quality and certified materials in compliance with all production technology requirements.

Natural wood countertops are covered by a 12-month warranty when they are used under the following conditions:

  1. Room temperature 18 … 25°C;
  2. Room humidity 40-60%;
  3. The product can only be cleaned with a damp cloth, without using coarse and abrasive tools and aggressive chemical cleaners;
  4. Wider 1.1 m and longer than 2 m countertops should be avoided due to the drying-up of wood, as the temperature and humidity fluctuations are predominant in the rooms in which the food is prepared.

The short-term or long-term effects of any fluids and constant effect of direct air flow or high temperature are prohibited.

It is forbidden to use the countertops without the surface protective topcoats that provide resistance to moisture, natural wear, deformation and other harmful effects of the product. Oil suitable for direct contact with food must be coated in three layers on both sides. The protective finish layer must be refreshed depending on the wear intensity.

The warranty terms does not cover:

  • Failure to observe the operating conditions of the product;
  • When the product is used without protective coating (oiling);
  • When repairs are carried out arbitrarily during the warranty period;
  • In case of mechanical damage;
  • In case of natural wear.